Turmerific Soda

Turmeric Soda – (Water, raw local honey, organic lemon juice, organic turmeric root, tamarind paste)

Turmeric Soda is a wonderfully refreshing probiotic drink.  If kombucha is a little vinegary for you, this is a great alternative. It is made by fermenting fresh, raw turmeric root in raw honey. Lemon and tamarind are added for flavoring. It is naturally effervescent due to the carbon dioxide created during the fermentation process.  The settlings at the bottom of the bottle are fresh turmeric – not powdered! – but DON’T SHAKE THE BOTTLE! It is a soda, after all, and might erupt if you open after shaking.  Just rock it gently to reincorporate the good bits. Turmeric is a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory agent, and it has also been shown that fermentation increases its bioavailability. I started making this to help my husband’s knee pain, as an alternative to all the ibuprofen he was taking.  It worked like a charm, and he’s not popping nearly as many pills these days.

Sizes available: 16 fl oz bottle